If it’s not bank accounts or looks, then it is cars or relationships. We compare costs, features, and usefulness for just about everything. When it comes to where you are now in your healing process, don’t do it.

I know you wonder if the other person in your ex’s life is a better cook, lover, provider, or parent. It is human nature, but that is not God’s nature.

When we compare ourselves to others, it is really just us comparing our worst to their best, our lack to their abundance, their joy to our pain. I know, because I did it too.

Why give someone else that has negatively affected you control your thoughts and image of yourself? What right do they have? Only the right that you give to them by allowing yourself to play a game of comparison that you cannot win.

Why not compare your situation to someone laying in a bed dying of cancer? How about the millions of starving and abused children all over the world, even in America? Even that is pointless, unless you need to get a reality check.

You are special. You have gifts and talents that nobody else on the earth has ever had or ever will again, in the way you were created. Only you can do what God has created you to do, and no one can compare to that, even if you are hurting.

Wisdom and identity in truth will allow you to move beyond comparing.

You are becoming someone who will have no equal. You will be able to give help and wisdom to others because of what you are learning now. Get ready.


God, help me to not compare my weakness to other’s strengths. Let me know that you never compare me and that you always love me, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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