We envision developing structures which will be fruitful and have a positive impact on individuals, communities and the world. We all need to be the change that we wish to see in the world. Start making the necessary adjustments in your own capacity and then share those constructive ideas with others; each one should teach one. Our purpose is to love each other and serve one another with a heart of gratitude.

To offer services and resources directly to the public which generate income to assist in ending the progressive situation of homelessness, orphans & widows, empowering the next generation through education, putting an end to violence, abuse, and corruption. By teaming up with established, effective and efficient NPO’s we will reach this generation and the rest to follow. 


Tony Caz is an author, entrepreneur, pod-caster, public speaker, content creator, coach, counsellor and business marketing/ sales strategist. He has obtained more life experience in his life than others will curiously contemplate collecting in their entire lifetime.

From a bullied minor, a popular teen-actor submerged. A juvenile, failed acting career led him to the business world of corporate sales/ marketing. From travelling abroad to working throughout all 9 provinces of South Africa, a broad spectrum of experience was gained. From persistent peer pressure and misdirection to severe damage through substance abuse and dreadful decisions. From broken relationships to the death of his son’s mother. From a broken marriage and separation to redeemed love. From failure, shame and guilt, a phenomenal revival was born which sent Tony Caz on a new path of justifiable sanctification.

His ultimate objective is to use the past experiences that have tried to destroy him, to encourage and guide others to avoid making the same mistakes. He lives by a set of principles that have not only changed his life, but they have saved the lives of many others.

After escaping addiction and death, Tony has spoken life into many people’s lives. After almost losing his own life, he found a pathway of restoration to living a fulfilled life. He gives you the same principles to follow which are proven to completely turn your life around.

The first book of his mental health series called “My Mind Is A Prison“, is the foundation of ‘The Mind’ series. His ability to transform words into visuals, is the key that he uses to unlock your emotions, allowing you to evaluate your own life, whilst exploring fundamental necessities for self-improvement.

The author hit rock bottom in his life, which opened up the door of opportunity for revival. His first book is his testimony and his second book of the series: “Principles of My Mind“, is the combination of sentiments that he follows. This positive belief system allowed him to turn his life completely around, proving to anyone else struggling in this life that it can be done.


If you suffer from depression, anxiety, loss, fear, anger, addiction or lack of motivation, this is the exhorter for you to follow. If you don’t understand your purpose in life, if you want to find your true identity and draw near to a better understanding of who you are meant to be, read this author’s material. It is only by the Grace of God that he has been called to share these important life lessons with the world, the author’s words are blessed.

The truth is, you cannot help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. It all starts with you, my friend. We have control over one thing in this life, which is the ability to manage our thoughts, speech, and actions. You decide on what your upcoming thought processes are. You convert those thoughts into words that roll off your tongue and lips. It’s you that responds to the comments of other people, and it’s only you, my friend, that commands your body into action.

The answer lies within & with the correct guidance from the right people, amalgamated with your perseverance and obedience, you can make it work in such a way that it changes your life.

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