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Are you ready to share your story with the world?

Self-Publishing is now available for anyone and is easier than you might anticipate. If you have a testimony you want to share; if you have a finished manuscript and need guidance, or if you can’t afford or source a publisher – you have come to the right place.


After several years of gaining experience in this challenging but exciting world of self-publishing – Empowering Truth Company was born, all through God’s grace. Check out the Self-Publishing Packages above.

The founder, Tony Caz, has many years of experience in the corporate world. This has been an intricate asset in providing him with the entrepreneurial mindset. To be an entrepreneur certainly requires a multi-faceted set of fundamental attributes which can be developed through years of research, development and practise.


The downside of being an entrepreneur is dealing with multiple failed ventures, sourcing high energy levels of self-discipline and consistently recharging the motivation power cells.




 As Babe Ruth said:

“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”


Writing became Tony’s strong-point after he began journaling his struggles in adulthood. After becoming a self-published author, he now has the knowledge and ability to assist others in publishing, editing, marketing, ghost-writing, manuscript creation and the list goes on.

The services he offers directly to the public are motivational speaking; all writing services including self-publishing, corporate articles, manuscript development and ghost-writing, website development and marketing, business coaching, mentoring and life coaching.


Send him an email & start your self-publishing journey today:

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