1. You are your only limit. 
  2. Take responsibility for your life & you will take control of your life. 
  3. Showing gratitude improves your life. 
  4. Follow your own path. 
  5. The more you grow, the more you know, never stop learning. 
  6. When there’s nothing to hide, there’s nothing but pride, live a life of integrity. 
  7. Don’t give less than everything, give your all. 
  8. Learn how to adjust your focus, so that you always remain in control. 
  9. Chase your purpose and the money will chase you, always helping those in need. 
  10. Patience is power. Sacrifice now to be rewarded later, always look at the end result. 
  11. Hard work pays off.
  12. There’s no such thing as failure unless you fail to learn the lesson. 
  13. The end result will be worth the sacrifice. 
  14. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy. 
  15. Nothing that has happened in your past can stop you from creating a better future. 
  16. It’s never too late to be great. 
  17. Not everyone will be joyful over your success. 
  18. Habits make or break you. 
  19. Fear is an imagination created by your mind. 
  20. Without direction, you’ll end up in the wrong section. 
  21. No one will believe in you, until you believe in yourself. 
  22. Every problem has a purpose.